Assessing Credit Worthiness for Public Sector Organisations: Impact on Funding Accessibility

Learn how QTC’s credit assessments influence borrowing for public sector organisations in an interactive webinar with Suzanne Wacker and Ihtisham Malik. Join them for this 1-hour session on 10 July, as they explore the credit assessment process for Queensland public sector entities and its importance in accessing borrowings, including commonly asked questions Suzanne (QTC) receives in this regard.

Topics covered:

  • QTC’s credit assessment process for Queensland public sector entities
  • Importance of entities’ credit worthiness in accessing borrowings

Who should attend?

The webinar suits finance & treasury managers, credit assessment officers, board members and State and local government officials. No prior knowledge of the topics is assumed, however participants with previous experience in these fields may benefit from the course to refresh and extend their understanding

The QTC Education Program is only available to Queensland Public Sector Employees (this includes employees of the Queensland Government, Queensland government departments, local governments, statutory corporations, and other entities to the extent they have an association or are related to the State of Queensland) and QTC employees. By registering for a workshop or webinar, you acknowledge that you are a Queensland Public Sector Employee. QTC/UQ reserves the right to unenroll any person that is not a Queensland Public Sector Employee or QTC employee from any workshop or webinar in the Education Program.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the credit assessment process for Queensland public sector entities.
  • Learn the significance of credit assessments in securing borrowings for public sector organisations.

Webinar facilitator

Ihtisham Malik

Lecturer in Finance The University of Queensland

Ihtisham is a Lecturer in Finance at the University of Queensland (UQ), also having earned his PhD in finance from UQ in 2020. With over a decade of teaching experience, both within and outside Australia, he has taught various undergraduate and postgraduate finance courses, both in traditional and online formats, covering topics such as Portfolio Management and Public Financial Management. Besides teaching students within university, Ihtisham also plays an active role in industry engagement and Executive Education and has a vast experience in facilitating capacity building courses, specially for Queensland’s public sector. He currently serves as the Academic Director for UQ’s joint public sector finance program with the Queensland Treasury Corporation. This role allows him to bridge academic knowledge with practical industry insights, enriching the learning experience for both students and professionals alike. Notably, Ihtisham has been recognised for his excellence in teaching and learning, receiving the Student Engagement Award for his commitment to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Ihtisham not only has a long teaching experience but is also actively involved in finance research. He has published scholarly work, in the fields of Climate Change, Asset Pricing, and Corporate Finance in a number of highly ranked academic journals and has also been cited by different media outlets.

Webinar facilitator

Suzanne Wacker

Principal - Credit Risk Queensland Treasury Corporation

Suzanne is a Principal in the Credit Risk team at QTC. She joined QTC in 2011 and has provided financial advice to a number of Queensland public sector entities, including local governments and government owned corporations. Suzanne has more than 20 years’ experience in the finance industry and worked for a major Bank prior to joining QTC. She currently works as a Credit Analyst, assessing and advising on credit risks arising from QTC’s lending activities; and provides financial analysis and credit-oriented advice to State, Local Government, Government Owned Corporations and other statutory authorities on project and debt management strategies.

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