About us

QTC is the central financing authority for the Queensland Government and provides financial resources and services for the State. We manage the State’s funding program in the global capital markets to deliver sustainable and cost-effective borrowings for the Queensland Government, local governments, and other related entities (our clients).

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With a statutory role to advance the financial interests and development of the State, we work in partnership with Queensland Treasury and our clients to solve complex commercial, policy and economic issues. We help to deliver innovative, long-term solutions that contribute to the growth of Queensland’s economy.

We protect Queensland’s financial interests and deliver better financial outcomes by centralising the management of our clients’ borrowings, cash investments, and foreign exchange. We play an integral role in managing the State’s finances, working closely with our clients on their balance sheet management and helping to identify opportunities to minimise costs and risks.

At QTC, we are committed to protecting and advancing the financial interests of Queensland.