QTC FX makes foreign exchange (FX) easy by providing a secure and simple way to make FX spot transactions and international payments online, while delivering value for money on every transaction.

What is QTC FX?

  • QTC FX is QTC’s new online FX platform powered by NAB.1
  • Make FX payments to multiple suppliers and convert Australian Dollars into over 35 currencies.
  • Exclusive access to QTC’s wholesale FX rates and no wire or bank fees.2

Call us today to see how much your organisation could save with QTC’s competitive market FX rates.


Competitive exchange rates

Exclusive access to QTC’s wholesale FX rates, available only to Queensland Government clients.

Value for money

Value for money on every transaction for your organisation and the State.

Flexible ways to transact

Online spot FX and international payments. Premium FX services through QTC’s dealing desk.

Secure and safe online transactions

Powered by NAB1, QTC FX offers a secure and simple way to transact with dual authorisations and mobile-tokens (via smart-phone).

QTC FX – powered by NAB

QTC has selected NAB’s FX platform as it provides a secure, supported and industry leading service for our client’s FX spot transactions and international payments.

Training and support

All QTC clients will be offered training and support to onboard to and use QTC FX and our premium FX services.

Premium dealing desk

QTC’s premium FX service is our dealing desk at QTC.

QTC’s dealing desk provides access to our dealers who provide one-to-one FX execution services over the phone, including derivatives, exotic currencies and spot trades in excess of $1M AUD.


QTC has entered into an arrangement with NAB for the provision of online foreign exchange trading services. These services are only available for QTC’s Queensland Government clients.
QTC will absorb the wire transfer fee and correspondent bank fees to the extent within QTC’s control. QTC’s wholesale FX rates include a 0.15% margin for administration and cost recovery only. Contact the FX team if you require further information.