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QTC clients have access to exclusive FX rates with no wire or bank fees2, via the QTC Dealing Desk or QTC’s online FX platform powered by NAB. At QTC we focus on providing value, looking for new ways to save money and increase budget certainty for the State of Queensland.

In our role of funding the State, QTC has established a strong reputation in international financial markets and open access to a global network of investors and financial intermediaries. This position enables QTC to offer clients access to wholesale market rates.

Identifying opportunities to save with FX in procurement

QTC has identified an easy way for Government entities to reduce costs and help achieve budget certainty within procurement. Recent QTC client case studies have found significant margins added into AUD pricing for goods sourced from overseas (including Australian resellers).

The simple process of requesting tender quotes in both AUD and the supplier’s preferred currency, allows the supplier to provide an alternative quote which eliminates currency risk passed to them for an AUD quote.

The two quotes will increase transparency and show which price is cheaper at prevailing exchange rates. Contact QTC to find out more about wholesale rates and easily managing risk for tenders in a foreign currency.

Specialised help for your needs through QTC’s FX Dealing Desk

QTC is committed to making FX easy with a team of FX specialists available to help work out how much your organisation could save with our services. We offer complimentary margin analysis and demonstrations to step you through the benefits of our products and services.

Our FX specialists provide complimentary workshops through the QTC Education Program on managing FX exposures in your organisation, hedging strategies and best practice for goods sourced overseas.

Simple and secure transactions with QTC FX Online

QTC FX Online powered by NAB makes FX easy, providing a secure and simple way to make international payments while delivering value for money on every transaction. With QTC FX, you can make FX payments to multiple suppliers and deal in over 35 currencies while also managing forward contract hedging online.1


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QTC’s FX team can show you how much your organisation could save and work with you to customise a solution for your organisation’s FX needs. You can also call for live market pricing and FX risk management advice on 07 3842 4733 or

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QTC has entered into an arrangement with NAB for the provision of online foreign exchange trading services. These services are only available for QTC’s Queensland public sector clients. QTC will not charge additional wire transfer fees and correspondent bank fees to the extent within QTC’s control. QTC’s wholesale FX rates include a margin of up to 0.15% for administration and cost recovery.

Client results

“Urban Utilities has recently been working with QTC to manage our hidden FX exposures. This resulted in Urban Utilities requesting that a supplier provide pricing for equipment in both AUD and in the local currency where the equipment was manufactured. By managing the FX exposure internally and not taking the AUD pricing, Urban Utilities was able to save approximately $250K on the purchase of the equipment. Urban Utilities is looking to continue this practice to ensure that we deliver the lowest cost to serve.”

Urban Utilities, 2020

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Personalised FX help for you

Work with QTC’s FX team to determine how much your organisation could save through QTC’s wholesale market rates and customise a solution to meet your organisation’s FX needs. You can also call us for live market pricing and FX risk management advice.

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