Free Webinars

The QTC Education Program, in collaboration with the University of Queensland, offers free online webinars exclusively to Queensland’s public sector employees. Our webinars provide new learners a trial experience of our education offerings and returning learners the opportunity to expand on their existing knowledge.

Our webinars are available to watch on-demand. Explore the wide range of free business, financial, asset, and treasury management webinars from the catalogue below.

Asset Management Disaster Recovery

Explore concepts around scenario planning and how it may be used as an input to help frame possible situations that could occur during a disaster.

Asset Management: Transitioning to a Pro-active Maintenance Environment

Explore a simplistic, bottom-up operational approach to asset management

Contract Management

This webinar will introduce the reasons behind, the benefits and importance of Contract Management.

Evaluating and Selecting Projects: Optimising organisational value and success

Discover methods and tools for how organisations identify, evaluate, and select new projects aligned to clearly stated objectives.

Foreign Exchange (FX) in Procurement

Explore the basics of FX to help you recognise cost-saving opportunities for the procurement of goods sourced overseas, and the impact on FX markets on everyday business.

Investing in the ‘right’ project – Making better decisions with multi-criteria analysis (MCA)

MCA is a decision-making method used to evaluate and compare different alternatives using multiple criteria for selecting what projects and investments to pursue.

Managing change with limited resources available on a project

This webinar will discuss foundational level change management principles, tools and techniques that a project manager should focus on.

Managing Project Risk

This webinar introduces a defined approach with several practical tools and methods for designing and implementing a risk management plan aligned with “best practices” in industry

Maximising Value of Your Assets: Establish the Scope of Services (Pt 1)

Investigate scoping of services and establish how having a clear definition can lead to the changing nature of the service levels required, and the cost and risk appetite of the organisation.

Public Sector Business Cases – It’s not always just about the money!

Investigate the different dimensions and approaches relating to public sector cost/benefit analysis for business cases, and provide takeaways to consider within their organisational context.

Reshaping the Role of Procurement

Gain insight into the role procurement plays within the broader organisation. At the completion of the webinar you will understand the tools to ensure procurement becomes a trusted partner, helping drive value in the business.

Service Planning Fundamentals for Local Government

Local governments are under increasing pressure to provide services to their communities and provide new and expanded services to improve community liveability.

Sustainability and Financial Risk

Growing stakeholder expectations towards sustainability has given rise to investors using Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) as a risk lens. Join this webinar to explore emerging common ground and practices in ESG.