Evaluating and Selecting Projects: Optimising organisational value and success

Many organisations lack a coherent process for evaluating and selecting amongst potential new projects aligned to their organisational goals. Having a clear and transparent means for judging and selecting projects allows management to leverage talent and sources for new project ideas while providing a clear means of communication, evaluation and selection, and reward. As such, this webinar topic covers methods and tools for how organisations identify, evaluate, and select new projects aligned to clearly stated objectives (including use of both financial and non-financial criteria).

Topics covered

  • the importance of establishing a clear process for incoming project ideas
  • how to assess, prioritise and select new projects for your organisation
  • using tools and frameworks to evaluate and select projects
  • tips for achieving best practice in your organisation.

Who should attend?

The webinar is designed to assist project leadership or project teams, and anyone involved in projects. No knowledge of the topics is assumed; participants with prior experience may find the webinar useful to refresh and extend their knowledge.

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Participants will understand the importance of establishing a clear process for receiving new project ideas and evaluating, prioritising, and selecting what new projects an organisation should undertake and why. In doing so, participants will learn how to use a number of tools and frameworks for evaluating and selecting projects that can be adapted for future use in their organisations for achieving “best practices” in industry.

Webinar facilitator

Alfred Schmidley

UQ Business School

Alfred Schmidley is a lecturer and project management consultant with more than 25 years experience practitioning and training in private, public, and non-profit sectors.

He currently lectures in areas of Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at UQ. Alfred has extensive experience with international projects. He previously served as Chief Representative-China for Briggs & Stratton Corporation before being appointed Director Business Development-Asia. After leaving the private sector, Mr Schmidley has served extensively in NGO and public research sectors in international development across Asia and the Pacific region.

Special interests include development of improved technologies for smallholder farmers and rural enterprises in agriculture and food processing value chains, innovative research-to-commercialisation delivery, and SME and micro-enterprise start-ups.

Alfred graduated from UQ Business School, MBA (Executive), in 2002, holds a Master’s degree in East Asian Languages and Literature (UW-Madison), and a bachelor’s degree in International Studies (Bradley University), and enjoys training in competency-based and participatory learning approaches.

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