Managing Project Risk

Research clearly shows that inadequate risk management planning is a key factor behind why projects fail to achieve their business objectives. Therefore, having a clearly defined approach to planning and managing project risk is paramount for improving project outcomes. This webinar will provide foundational knowledge of concepts and terms related to risk management in projects. We will also examine the components of a sound risk management plan, including how to use helpful tools and frameworks for putting such a plan together. In doing so, we align our approach with “best practices” in industry.

Topics covered

  • How risk differs from uncertainty
  • How risk is assessed, controlled, and budgeted for in a project context
  • Key elements of project risk
  • How to plan for risk.

Who should attend?

No knowledge of the topics is assumed; participants with prior experience may find the webinar useful to refresh and extend their knowledge.

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Webinar facilitator

Alfred Schmidley

UQ Business School

Alfred Schmidley is a lecturer, international consultant, and researcher with more than 25 years of industry experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. He currently lectures in areas of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Research-to-Commercialisation, and Project Management. Alfred previously served as Chief Representative–China for Briggs & Stratton Corporation before being appointed Director of Business Development–Asia.

After leaving the private sector, Alfred has served extensively in NGO and public research sectors linking improved technologies, innovative research delivery, and sustainable development goals to smallholder farmers and rural enterprises in agriculture and food-related value chains throughout Asia.

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Project Management Workshop
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