DSDILGP Mentorship program

Through a collaborative partnership, the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DSDILGP), Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) and the University of Queensland (UQ) have developed a sponsored training program with a specific purpose to build capability across the local government sector. This program was launched in October 2022.

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A component within the 2022-23 Financial Sustainability initiative is a mentorship program available to DSDILGP employees. This program will introduce bite-size learning, aimed to mentor Regional Officers in understanding and participating in financial management and service planning training to councils.

Two mentorship programs will focus on unpacking the pillars within the existing modules delivered to councils, including:

  • Financial Management in Practice
  • Service Planning

Although Regional Officers are encouraged to participate in both mentorship programs, there is no disadvantage if only one program is completed.

3-part mentorship program

Both mentorship programs are delivered using our online learning format across 3 online sessions. This format ensures DSDILGP Regional Officer mentees can participate remotely from across Queensland which maximises participation in the learning opportunity with our educators.
Each 3 hour virtual session is designed to be hands-on, using online software to work through content collaboratively, explore case study examples, and unpack unique concerns that participants have identified throughout the experience. An opportunity will also exist for mentees to test their understanding of concepts, ask questions and work through the assigned tasks as a group.
To embed the learning taught throughout the mentorship program, mentees will have the opportunity to co-facilitate sections of the existing Financial Management in Practice and Service Planning courses to council participants with the UQ Facilitator/s during regional hub deliveries.

Mentee investment

  • Upfront commitment to complete the full program is required
  • For each program – 9 hours of involvement is required (3 x 3 hour online sessions)
  • Completion of assigned tasks out-of-session to support learnings (estimate up to 2 hours’ worth of time)
  • A willingness to co-facilitate sections of the courses to councils, alongside the UQ Facilitator/s
  • Facilitate follow-up sessions with councils to enable dynamic conversations, test questions and take deeper dives into concepts learned

Commissioned by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning