Registration terms and conditions


The contribution of each participant in the course is an important part of the learning experience for the participants as well as others in the same cohort. As such, we expect participants to have the appropriate level of knowledge and experience to contribute to the discussions and case studies that form part of the learning process.

Registration to participate in the course may be assessed, dependent upon course requirements, including a limit on the number of participants from any one organisation.


UQ will provide a Tax Invoice to the Participant upon finalisation of registration and payment

Registration and participation in the course will be confirmed upon receipt of full course fee payment.


All cancellations must be 5 business days or more before a course delivery date. Should the cancellation be made in this timeframe, participants have ONE of the following options:

  • Transfer their booking to an alternate course to be held within 12 months of the original course;
  • Send a substitute in their place; OR 
  • Cancel their booking and request a refund, with a deduction of $88 (incl. GST) administration fee

No refund will be provided for cancellations less than 5 business days from a course delivery date, except in the case of exceptional circumstances as determined by UQ in its absolute discretion.

In the event a participant who registers for a sponsored course cancels less than 5 business days from a course delivery date, their organisation will be accountable for the full course fee; except in the case of exceptional circumstances as determined by UQ/QTC in its absolute discretion

Participant Obligations

The Participant must meet all requirements specified by UQ/QTC in the Description prior to receiving the Services.

The Participant must co-operate with UQ during the provision of the Services, as UQ reasonably requires.

The Participant must provide UQ with the information and documentation that it reasonably requires to enable UQ to provide the Services.

The Participant must use the Services (including any Deliverables) solely for the purposes stated in the Description or as reasonably contemplated by this Contract and using reasonable skill and care.

The Participant must adhere the University’s high standard of academic integrity.

The Participant must comply with UQ Policy 3.60.04 (Student Integrity and Misconduct) and all other relevant policies of UQ as if the Participant was an enrolled student of UQ.

Intellectual Property Rights

QTC owns all Intellectual Property Rights in the Services and Deliverables and in anything (including in electronic form) used or created by QTC or its personnel (including staff, contractors and subcontractors) for or in connection with the supply of the Services.

Read the full Terms & Conditions for more details

Confidentiality and Privacy

The Participant must obtain UQ/QTC’s written approval before publishing or publicizing any information relating to UQ or the Services.

UQ/QTC may publish material relating to the conduct and conclusions of the Services, including the Deliverables.

Subject to clause below, if any personal information is provided to QTC, that personal information will be subject to QTC’s Privacy Management Policy, which can be viewed here. More information on privacy in relation to QTC can be obtained from the Right to Information and Privacy Office here and you can contact the Right to Information and Privacy Coordinator here.

UQ/QTC may retain, use and disclose personal information provided by the Participant to:

  • provide the Services and Deliverables;
  • inform the Participant of future events or activities at QTC/UQ;
  • undertake statistical analysis of de-identified data;
  • provide to a third party to facilitate the University rankings and accreditation;
  • provide to third party contractors that are performing some or all of the Services under this Contract; and
  • assist UQ in relation to exercising or enforcing UQ’s rights.

The Participant consents to UQ taking photographs and videos of the Services being provided which may include images of the Participant and agrees that UQ can use those images in the ordinary course of its business.

Read full Terms & Conditions for more details.