Business sustainability, credit and related advice

Our credit and financial viability review advice will provide an insight into the financial health of your organisation.

Expert advice on financial sustainability, borrowing capacity, credit and capital structure reviews

Financial sustainability review

We provide an insight into the financial health of a business by assessing an organisation’s capacity to meet its commitments in the short-, medium- and long-term.
A review seeks to answer:

  • if the current financial path is sustainable over the long term
  • if revenue adequately covers the cost of service provision
  • if financial shocks can be absorbed
  • what is the effect of capital expenditure and growth on future financial performance, and
  • the effect of growth on the financial position.
Borrowing capacity and credit review

A Borrowing Capacity and Credit Review evaluates an organisation’s:

  • current financial position
  • ongoing financial viability
  • borrowing capacity for individual projects and overall businesses
  • debt funding requirements, and
  • financial targets and strategies to achieve those targets.
Capital structure review

A Capital Structure Review looks at the optimal capital structure for an organisation, where the level of debt and equity meets its short- and long-term strategic objectives and maximises shareholder value. QTC supports clients with:

  • capital structure and funding strategies, and
  • liability management arrangements.

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