Financial modelling

Our financial modelling services can improve the financial and commercial decision making for any project. Our expert modellers are highly skilled in building financial models and can provide all aspects of financial modelling including the initial scoping, build, review and best-practice.


Expert financial modelling services


We develop financial models that assist financial and commercial decision making :

  • developing business forecasts
  • valuing discounted cash flows
  • performing value-for-money analysis, and
  • conducting break-even, pricing and scenario analysis.
Quality assurance

We undertake quality assurance reviews of models that have been developed by their clients or their consultants, ensuring models have been thoroughly checked for consistency and computational accuracy.

Analysis and insights

We assist clients by analysing the financial and commercial aspects of a project (eg, tender submissions that include financial projections).

Modelling governance

We assist our clients to understand the ideal governance structure to use and the best questions to ask when engaging a consultant to help develop a model.

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