Economic Update – Making sense of recent changes and understanding the impacts on councils

In this webinar, QTC’s Chief Economist Michael Anthonisz will discuss recent developments in, and the outlook for the global and national economies.

These webinars are an ideal opportunity for current or newly elected members & appointed staff to get insights on trends in the economy that could shape the operating backdrop for local governments over the next few years.

Topics covered:

  • Recent developments in the global and national economies
  • The outlook for global and national economies
  • Trends in the economy that could shape the operating backdrop for Local Governments over the next few years

Who should attend?

This webinar is designed to provide Local Government professionals, elected members, mayors, and council staff insights into the trends in the economy that could shape the operating backdrop councils over the next few years.

The QTC Education Program is only available to Queensland Public Sector Employees (this includes employees of the Queensland Government, Queensland government departments, local governments, statutory corporations, and other entities to the extent they have an association or are related to the State of Queensland) and QTC employees. By registering for a workshop or webinar, you acknowledge that you are a Queensland Public Sector Employee. QTC/UQ reserves the right to unenroll any person that is not a Queensland Public Sector Employee or QTC employee from any workshop or webinar in the Education Program.

Learning outcomes

Understand current economic trends in the global and national economies and how this could shape the operating backdrop for Local Government.

Webinar facilitator

Michael Anthonisz

QTC Chief Economist

Michael Anthonisz is QTC’s Chief Economist and has 20 years’ experience advising senior leaders at both the federal and state levels. Michael is responsible for QTC’s economic and financial market research and has led these efforts since 2010. His team provides economic and market insights for key stakeholders including QTC’s Board, executive team, and clients.

Location Date Cost Duration Registration
Online On demand Complimentary 30 minutes Not open
Online 20 August Complimentary 30 minutes 20 August
Online 13 November Complimentary 30 minutes 13 November
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