Local government resources

Local governments are critical to Queensland.

We are dedicated to meeting the financial risk management needs of local governments, and supporting them to provide the services and facilities that help their communities grow.

We provide a range of services to the State’s 77 local governments, which includes 16 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councils, in support of their financial sustainability.

These services include infrastructure financing, surplus cash management, financial advisory services, and education and training.

This ‘local government resources’ page is a source of useful information and financial tools for both elected officials and professional staff.

Further resources will be added from time-to-time, so you may wish to bookmark this page for reference.

A range of financial tools, such as loan calculators, financial management resources and economic data and analysis, is also available via QTC Link, the secure client section of QTC’s website.

For further information on these resources or on any of QTC’s products and services, or to obtain a QTC Link username and password, please contact your QTC account manager directly or via Reception on 07 3842 4600.


Quick Reference Guide – Cash Flow Management
Quick Reference Guide – Whole-of-Life Costing
Quick Reference Guide – Full Cost Pricing
Quick Reference Guide – Governance in Local Government
Quick Reference Guide – Financial Performance
Quick Reference Guide – Depreciation of Infrastructure Assets
Project Decision Framework: an outline for local government leaders